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Sun · 4/22/18

Sunday Celebration is HMCC’s weekend gathering where everyone in the church comes together to worship God and celebrate His work in our lives. All are welcome! Come out to be encouraged through the worship, message, and fellowship.

"Love Changes Everything" is a new sermon series on the book of Philemon. 

God so loved the world that he gave his Son to die on the cross. And this love changes everything! When we receive this love, Jesus gives us real reasons for being thankful. He changes the way we relate with other people, now as brothers and sisters in Christ. And He causes us to take responsibility for each other as fellow partners in God’s family.

This sermon series consist of three parts:
1. A Refreshing Attitude (Philemon 1-7)
2. A Transformed Relationship (Philemon 8-16)
3. A Shared Responsibility (Philemon 17-25)

We will see that the Gospel is not just conceptual or for the other side of eternity, but it changes everything in our lives right now in very tangible ways.