Jakarta Church Plant FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We plan on calling the new church plant “HMCC of Jakarta-Grogol Campus” and the mother church “HMCC of Jakarta-Karawaci Campus.” In the future if God has us plant other churches in Jabodetabek, we will follow the same pattern. The idea is we are one church in Jakarta (HMCC of Jakarta) with many local campus churches (e.g. Karawaci Campus, Grogol Campus).

We are tentatively thinking that the church plant will have Sunday celebration somewhere around the Grogol area later in the day, after the worship service in Karawaci in the morning. There will be some shared programming that the HMCC of Jakarta church family will do together (e.g. retreats, missions projects, revival meetings). However, most of the regular gatherings for the church such as LIFE groups and Sunday celebration will function distinctly from Karawaci. The church plant team, LIFE group leaders, and ministry teams will operate independently for the most part from the Karawaci campus. However, we plan to keep church finances centralized between the two campuses.

For now we do not know if we will have Building Blocks (our children’s ministry) running in the beginning for the Grogol Campus. We will need to assess our ability to allocate personnel for this at the church plant stage of the church. However, having Building Blocks is in the long-term plans for the Grogol Campus.

The vision that we believe God has given our church is to “multiply churches in campuses and cities to transform the next generation among the nations.” In general, we feel that our “niche” in the Kingdom of God is to minister to university students and global cities (which includes working adults and families).

Since the beginning of our church in 2009, we’ve felt strongly that there is great potential for a movement of churches to be planted here because of the number of people and the many campuses in or around the city. This has been a church-wide prayer topic from the early years of our church.

In 2012, we began to pursue the possibility of planting a second church much more seriously. The pastors (Andrew, Eric, and John) visited a handful of universities in Jakarta. After visiting Atma Jaya, Moestopo, Binus, LSPR, Trisakti, and Untar, the church leadership prayed specifically about the decision.

A key principle emerged in our decision-making process: we felt it was valuable to keep a “community church” dynamic, where the majority of the church members (students and working adults) live, study, and work within a relatively small radius of the church. As opposed to a “commuter church” dynamic (where members drive in from further away for church and meet only once a week), members can interact with each other more readily and more often, thus creating closer biblical community.

We felt that starting in West Jakarta would be a good “one-step” into the city, where we could maintain strong ties with the church in Karawaci but still be a solid venture forward. In addition, many current members already reside in West Jakarta and there are two key universities, Trisakti and Untar (among some other smaller ones too), that are located there.

We decided to refer to our initial work as the “Jakarta outpost,” because it was an outpost of our church in Karawaci. For the 2013-14 ministry year, we sent Pastor Eric along with Resha to live in the Grogol area and lead the Jakarta Focus (single working adult) LIFE group. In years past, we didn’t have a dedicated leadership for this LIFE group (it was Pastor Andrew commuting into the city once a week to lead), but they were able to provide much better leadership and shepherding to the group.

Pastor Eric also began to meet students at Trisakti and Untar and learned the academic schedule, culture, make-up of students, and activities of the universities. After some time, we decided to focus our initial efforts to start a ministry at Untar. Since then, we’ve stepped up our preparations with prayer tours, outreach events and evangelism, and a “pilot” LIFE group that started last month (in August 2014).

Since Jakarta is such a huge city with such a diverse population, one church cannot minister to its people by itself. We want to be clear that our goal is not to attract believers already connected to existing churches; we want to preach the Gospel to nonbelievers and disciple them towards spiritual maturity. In this way, it is said that the most effective way to evangelize to unreached people is to plant new churches. With that being said, we do plan to have good relationships and partner together with other churches in Jakarta to reach the city.

For current HMCC of Jakarta members and attendees who live in Jakarta, we would encourage them to be a part of the Grogol Campus when it begins. The main reason is missional: it is because this will allow them to more readily connect people in their circles of influence into the church community there. This is why we will have members explicitly transfer their membership and commit to being a part of the “core group” who will serve and embody the values of our church. There may be exceptions of people still attending the Karawaci Campus because of special circumstances, and we will be flexible with those cases.

For current HMCC of Jakarta members and attendees who live in or closer to Karawaci, we would encourage them to remain a part of the Karawaci Campus. We will need to keep the sending church strong as there will be some “holes” created by some committed members leaving to be a part of the church plant.

Initially when the church is first planted, the pastoral team will shepherd the church together. Pastor Andrew will remain as the lead pastor with primary preaching, vision, and leadership duties. Pastor Eric will be the “on site” pastor, taking care of the day-to-day responsibilities of shepherding members, overseeing LIFE groups, and mentoring leaders. Pastor John will oversee the worship ministry (at both campuses) and share in leadership training.

First, it is possible for students or recent graduates to be a part of the church plant team. It would actually be very helpful to have some younger church plant and/or core group members to minister to students at Untar because they are closer to the university student life stage. Students or recent graduates, please talk to the pastors regarding your interest in being part of this church plant.

Second, working adults will definitely be considered for the church plant team. The need for a high level of commitment demands that anyone considering this must “count the cost." They will be expected to be available above and beyond to fill any needs that arise for the church plant as well as still serve the Lord faithfully in other realms such as their work and family. We are expecting working adults (single or married) will make up the majority of the church plant team.

Third, members from other HMCC churches can be considered as part of the church plant team, but it will be the exception. Overall, while the HMCC family will know and support all church plants going on globally, it will be the local sending church that will be primarily responsible for its church planting endeavors.

We haven’t assessed the specific expenses for the new church, but we do have a general idea of the needs. Generally, we want to run our church “lean”- keeping operating costs efficient- but there are always necessary expenses. The first important item is the support of one full-time pastor for the first 1-2 years of the church. The second is start-up expenses for corporate gatherings: rental for Sunday celebration, public address and musical equipment (e.g. speakers, mixer, microphones, etc.), and rental for a small office and/or storage space. We would like people from both the Karawaci Campus and the Grogol Campus core group to pledge financial support for the initial years of the church plant.

The greatest needs we have are: 1) prayer, 2) spiritual health, and 3) financial viability. First, the city of Jakarta is a spiritually dark place. We have faith that the light of Jesus Christ can overcome the darkness, but it will be difficult. So intercession is greatly needed for the current pastoral team and executive team, as well as for the future church plant team and core group. Please begin praying regularly now for this new church!

Second, we need all the current members of HMCC of Jakarta to be serving and building up the church: boldly sharing the Gospel, radically following Christ and making disciples, creating contagious biblical community in LIFE groups, and supporting church leadership. Planting a church provides the opportunity for members to step up and fill needs in both the new church and the sending church. This is something we can all work towards for the next twelve months.

Third, this season we will need our members to give generously and faithfully to the church. We believe we have people who love Jesus and are committed to His vision and mission for our city. We have not yet had a season in our church where we’ve had to specifically challenge people to give, but we believe this will be needed and that we will rise to the occasion. We will present the ways that people can contribute financially at the end of 2014.