The Gospel \ The Full Picture

  • October 14, 2018
  • Pastor Andrew Jun
  • Sunday Celebration

The Gospel Series

The Gospel is not good advice of what we need to do, but the Gospel is the good news of what Jesus Christ has done, and that news changes _everything_! Even though the Gospel should be all-encompassing in our lives, we often assume it or confuse it.

So as a church, more than a splattering of doctrines, more than a variety of programs, in order to have a sound framework for all of life, we need to be centered on the Gospel. In this three-part sermon series, we’ll see how the Gospel fits into God’s redemptive history in Part 1: The Full Picture, and then what the Gospel does in us in Part 2: A New Heart, and finally how the Gospel works through us in Part 3: Good Works.