Church Wide Ministries

Band of Brothers (Men’s Ministry)

Our Men’s Ministry is committed to raising a generation of Christ-like men who will grow in their relationship with God and impact the home, the church, and the world. By addressing struggles specific to men, we desire to bridge the gap between our culture and the church as well as build a sense of belonging and brotherhood in Christ.

We want to exemplify Christ’s example and leadership by learning to serve our families, church, and community. It is our mission to go into the world with the Gospel message and guard it from injustice and falsehood. We trust that God will transform the men in our church to then be used to transform the world.

SOUL Sisters (Women’s Ministry)

The women of HMCC take our calling to be world-changers quite seriously. Though we live in a world that feeds us intense and conflicting definitions of being a successful woman, it is our vision to live out God’s design for women as we seek to make a difference in the lives of people around us.

We hope to become women of SOUL who live out our destinies in radical ways. We want to be Surrendered, entrusting God with our past, present and future; to be Obedient, submitted to God, his truths, and to a life of holiness; know that we are Unique, secure in the special way that God made us; and to Love, knowing that we are accepted unconditionally, therefore, able to love unconditionally.