One Desire Fast (ODF)

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Mon · 1/06/2020 - Sat · 1/18/2020

Each year, we have our annual global HMCC church-wide fast, called the One Desire Fast, to begin the new year by seeking and hungering after God.  It’ll be two weeks from 6 January 2020 to 18 January 2020.

Fasting centers on God and aims to glorify God. John Wesley wrote, “Let it be done unto the Lord with our eye singly fixed on Him. Let our intention herein be this, and this alone, to glorify our Father which is in heaven.” Once we understand the central intention of fasting, to glorify God, it is safe for us to look at its secondary benefits. Fasting reveals the things that control us. Pride, anger, bitterness, jealousy, fear – if they are within us, they will surface during fasting. We can rejoice as our weaknesses are revealed, because we know that Christ can uproot these idols from our lives. There are other secondary values of fasting. It helps us keep our
human cravings and desires under control. It increases our concentration and our effectiveness in intercessory prayer. It can contribute to our physical well being and aid us as we pray for guidance.

How we will fast

Social Media fast along with 2 options of fasting from food:
• Option 1: Week 1 no meat, Week 2 liquids only
• Option 2: Week 1 no meat, Week 2 one meal per day