Church Re-opening Information

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We are resuming in-person Sunday Celebration!

Registration opens every Monday and closes when all tickets are sold out. 


  1. Will livestream / online service still be offered?
    Yes! Due to limited in-person seating for health and safety reasons, we will continue the Zoom gathering. It will be a livestream of our Sunday Celebration.
  2. Why do I need to register for the in-person service?
    In light of the recent pandemic, we are limiting our sanctuary capacity. We utilize the Eventbrite ticket registration to keep track of attendees. Should you come without reserving tickets prior, you will still be required to register your ticket on the spot However because seats are on a first-come first-serve basis, we cannot guarantee you a seat if you do not register ahead. 
  3. What is the check-in procedure like for in-person Sunday Celebrations?
    Our Sunday Crew volunteers will greet you in front of our sanctuary to check you in via your Eventbrite registration and your temperature. 
    1. We require all attendees to have been vaccinated for the in-person service.
    2. If your body temperature is above 37.5, we will require you to head home and not attend the in-person Sunday Celebration to honor the rest of the congregation and minimize any Covid-19 related issue(s). If you are feeling unwell prior to the start of Sunday Celebration, we strongly encourage you to stay home for the same reason.
  4. What are the health and safety protocols for in-person Sunday Celebrations?
    1. Prior to reopening, we have deep-cleaned and fogged the whole sanctuary. We have also properly sanitized and disinfected our space every Sunday before 3PM.
    2. Hand sanitizers will be readily available in multiple corners of the sanctuary and rooms.
    3. Multiple air purifiers are placed throughout the sanctuary and different rooms.
    4. Masks are to be worn at all times; avoid drinking/eating at the venue with people around.
    5. Tithes/offerings are encouraged to be done through mobile/internet banking — QR codes are posted around the room.
    6. Social distancing needs to be maintained; 1-meter away from one another.
  5. Can kids attend in-person Sunday Celebration?
    Children 12 years and older must be vaccinated to come to in-person Sunday Celebration. Those under 12 years old may come with fully-vaccinated parents . However, please note that there will be no in-person Building Blocks (it will still be held over Zoom at 11am until further notice; please contact for more information).
    1. Children will also need to register for Children tickets through Evenbrite.
    2. There is a designated sitting area in the main sanctuary reserved for families.
  6. Will there still be Prayer Time with Pastor(s) at the in-person Sunday Celebration or Zoom gathering?
    1. Yes for in-person Sunday Celebrations! You may approach any of our pastors after closing prayer, adhering the same strict precautions of personal hygiene and social distancing.
    2. There will be no prayer time with pastor(s) over Zoom; if you can’t come to the in-person Sunday Celebration but would like a prayer time, we encourage you to arrange and set up a time directly with the pastor.
  7. What if someone who attended an in-person Sunday Celebration later tests positive for Covid-19?
    Please inform us if you have tested positive for Covid-19. Once we are informed of the matter, we will take all necessary measures and alert all attendees who came that same Sunday.
  8. How to get to the in-person sanctuary?
    1. To access via elevator, the closest will be that located at Lobby Avenue.
    2. To access via escalator, you may take the one in front of Genki Sushi / Wingstop going up to the 5th Floor, then walk away from Samwon Garden towards the Ciputra Medical Center area.
    3. Parking is best accessed from the Ranch Market Lobby on the right side of the mall.
    4. If accessing via basement, please find the elevator marked for Ciputra Medical Center or park near Lobby Avenue elevators.
    5. Alternatively, any mall parking area should be fine, as you can easily find the Lobby Avenue elevators/escalators from inside the mall, as mentioned on point (a & b).