Sermon Podcast

Podcasting and RSS is a format for users to organize lots of different changing web content. RSS Feeds consolidate all the information to one location that the user selects and automatically "grabs" new content from the different websites around the internet. For example, if you regularly read the New York Times, ESPN, and BBC, you can use the RSS reader to view and read articles instead of having to go to each individual site.

Step 1: Get an RSS Reader

To begin using RSS feeds, you need an RSS feed reader. Some of the more popular examples include:

Step 2: Add Content

To add content to your RSS reader and begin using it, you need to add the URL of the website or the rss feed that the website produces. Usually websites will feature an icon that is a link to the rss feed. To add the HMCC sermon feed, simply add

to your RSS feed reader.

Step 3: Use Reader

Check back every once in awhile to see that your reader is automatically populated with the latest updates. You can read or listen straight from your reader!