LIFE Group

Part of the Discipleship of the Church

LIFE Groups (LGs) are our weekly small group communities to cultivate spiritual growth and to facilitate personal discipling relationships with one another in the life of the church at large.  They are more than weekly Bible study groups, but they are about Loving God and one another, Investing in the community, growing in our Faith, and Enjoying life together as we live out the Gospel.

In thinking about the discipleship of the church, it is helpful to think of a spectrum, with the whole congregation at one end, one on one relationships at the other, and LG in the middle.


On the one hand, our church attempts to prioritize the gatherings of the whole congregation because that is where the primary teaching is done and where the entire body, with all its diverse parts, most reflects the gospel of Christ. On the other hand, we recognize how effective individual discipleship can be. In between these two ends of the spectrum, we have LGs working to connect the benefits of our ministry to the whole congregation and the ministry going on between individuals. 

If you are new to our church, we invite you to check out one of our LGs by completing the form below.